Helix Show Controller

What You Need to Use the Helix


Vixen is a freeware application created by KC Oaks that allows you to create sequences. The basic steps are

  1. Selecting the song you want to sequence
  2. Opening a new sequence in Vixen
  3. Adding the channels
  4. Deciding what intensity to turn the channels on to based upon the beats in the song

Creating a sequence is one of the most time consuming parts of a synchronized display. In the beginning it is not unusal for it to take 1-2 hours per minute of song. Once you get a few songs under your belt it will go faster but it is still very time consuming.

Helix Network Supervisor

The Helix Network Supervisor is a Microsoft Windows application that takes the sequences created in Vixen and converts them to a format usable by the Helix. It also creates the Helix Shows, Helix Playlists, Helix Channel Map and Helix Schedule.

The Helix Network Supervisor is used to set the time on the Real Time Clock. It is designed to also be used to help diagnose any problems with the Helix system, run test patterns and start/stop sequences. These last features haven’t been fully implemented yet but the underlying structure has been developed.

Helix Firmware

The Helix Firmware is the program that runs on the Helix main boards. It is loaded on the MicroSD card and downloaded into the main board via a bootloader. This allows the firmware to be easily field upgradable. The Helix Network Supervisor has a button on the lower right corner of the first tab that allows you to check for and download the latest firmware. It is recommended that this procedure be used because it downloads the firmware to the correct directory necessary for the proper functioning of the Helix Network Supervisor.

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